Sediment Stability Instrumentation Added to 'Sediment? Solved' Range - 21/06/2017

Aquatec Group has expanded the 'Sediment? Solved' range to include instrumentation to measure surface sediment stability, with the addition of Partrac’s benthic flumes and Cohesive Strength Meter (CSM). The Cohesive Strength Meter is a field instrument that directly measures the surface erodibility of marine, fluvial and terrestrial sediments. It permits rapid assessment of sediment critical entrainment stress and provides a relative measure of erosion rate.

This information is important for the understanding of benthic habitat stability, contaminated sediment dispersal, river bank and agricultural land stability, and the geomorphology of estuaries and coastal areas.

Partrac’s Voyager II sea flume is an ocean rated benthic flume, which is designed for in situ studies of threshold, erosion velocity and erosional behaviour of undisturbed marine muds. Designed to operate to shelf sea depths, the flume applies a controlled flow stress (or velocity) onto the surface of submerged bottom/bed sediments and various instruments monitor and record erosion as it proceeds.

Aquatec’s Sediment Solved range includes instrumentation to observe and collect suspended sediment, and collect bedload and deposited sediment. Recent additions to the range include Aquatec’s own AQUAlogger 310TY advanced turbidity logger.

Last updated: 06/06/2020