Seeking hydrographic stories: share your expertise!

Seeking hydrographic stories: share your expertise!

New perspectives and insights are what we seek as the editorial staff of Hydro International. Our goal is to exchange knowledge and distribute new insights to a worldwide audience through our platform for hydrographic and adjacent fields, and you can contribute by providing input on topics for new articles and other types of content.

Have you completed an interesting project that you think deserves a wider audience? Do you want to discuss an issue based on a submitted column? Or, do you have suggestions about technological developments or challenges in our field that deserve attention and more coverage? If so, contact us!

Ideas can be submitted to our head of content, Wim van Wegen. Get in touch with him via LinkedIn or at [email protected]. Please provide a brief explanation of your idea. We will then contact you, and who knows, it may end up in an article broadcast around the world! Together, we form the hydrographic community, and our task is to strengthen it. You can contribute to that!

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