Self- contained Submersible Echosounder - 27/10/2010

Biosonics has launched the DT-X Sub self-contained, programmable echosounder for scientific data collection. The unit integrates an echosounder, data storage and power systems in a compact and waterproof housing. It does not require cabling and is intended for monitoring and assessing aal types of organic organisms.

The development of the device is driven by the demand for information about aquatic animal's temporal behaviour and distribution over time. This continuous, long-term observation requires the use of autonomous monitoring devices. The user can collect hydroacoustic data during day and night, and each tidal cycle for extended periods. It can be programmed for interval monitoring, thus extending battery life. When the battery power runs low, the system will perform a controlled shut down and reboot automatically when power levels are restored.

The system circuits and features are evolved from BioSonic's experience building echosouders for AUVs and underwater observatories where space and payload requirements are minimal.

Last updated: 06/06/2020