Sensor Combination for Environmental Monitoring in Gulf Spill

Sensor Combination for Environmental Monitoring in Gulf Spill

Chelsea Technologies Group has seen growing demand for its UV AQUAtracka fluorimeter to monitor the extent and dispersion of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Originally designed for military use, these highly sensitive fluorimeters are monitoring the extent of the oil from surface waters to full ocean depth.

The UV AQUAtracka is now being used in combination with the FASTtracka Mark II fast repetition rate fluorimeter to monitor the effects of the oil on the primary productivity of the Gulf. The FASTtracka II has undergone extensive challenge testing to characterise its response to contamination events in the aquatic environment and is providing unique real time data on the response of the marine ecosystem to the elevated hydrocarbon levels in Gulf of Mexico.

Long term monitoring of the offshore and coastal waters of the Gulf is fundamental to understand the rate of recovery of the ecosystem from both the oil spill and the chemical dispersants used. The detection and monitoring of very low levels of hydrocarbons over long periods of time, and their effects on the ecosystem, is key.

Chelsea has increased production, and is working closely with its suppliers, to meet this increased demand for both UV AQUAtracka and FASTtracka II instruments.