SHOM Data Available as Open Data Online - 09/01/2014

In mid December 2013, a new version of the portal was launched during the meeting of the Interministerial Committee for the Modernisation of the Public Governance. From now on, SHOM data will be available as open data from the maritime geographic information portal, which is indexed on

SHOM aims to create an ecosystem that stimulates innovation around the data it produces and distributes.

The public can participate in the preparation of a Hackathon organised by the Digital Café Brest and the Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences. The Digital Café Brest aims to facilitate the exchange and use of data that is available from several organisations in the same area. This event, where developers will meet to work on programming projects during several days, will make use of SHOM data in the first quarter of 2014. This event will use open data about the Finistère coastline.

Last updated: 04/07/2020