Sixth Edition ROV Publication - 03/03/2004

The new edition of Remotely Operated Vehicles of the World has been published by Oilfield Publications Limited (OPL). This sixth edition is, according to the publisher, the most comprehensive yet and provides full details on the worldÕs ROV fleet, vehicle operators, suppliers of products and services and ROV support vessels.
In eight hundred pages the book gives technical and performance data on 460 ROVs, including 94 AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), 116 tracked, towed and free flying burial and trenching systems, 37 towed underwater surveying systems and 215 general work, inspection and observation vehicles. Also included is extensive information, with full contact data, on two hundred ROV operating companies and over 710 companies specialising in the manufacture and supply of ROV-related underwater products, equipment and technical support services.
The final chapter offers a register of all dedicated ROV support vessels with specifications, performance data, photographs and GA (General Arrangement) drawings provided for 161 ships.

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