Software Solution for Shallow Water Surveys - 11/09/2015

The EIVA NaviSuite software suite now includes a single-user sensor data acquisition and processing bundle for shallow water surveys, NaviSuite Kuda. The products and solutions presented at the Shallow Survey 2015 international conference, which is taking place from 14-18 September at Plymouth University, UK, include EIVA’s NaviSuite Kuda, which was launched on 10 September.

NaviSuite Kuda is a single-user bundle dedicated to shallow water surveys. Its price matches the budget of small companies, while allowing them to benefit from the advanced features of the NaviSuite software solutions relevant to this type of operation by offering all the necessary tools to carry out time-efficient surveys that result in extensive end reports with high-quality data.

Interfaces with Many Echo Sounders and Sonar

NaviSuite Kuda interfaces with a long list of high-tech sonar equipment and lasers, from multibeam echosounders and sidescan sonars to laser scanners. Also, more simple solutions such as singlebeam echosounders and magnetometers are covered by the more than 400 drivers included in the bundle.

The acquired data can be applied as raw data and combined throughout the acquisition and processing workflow. This saves users time and enable them to create a single end report with all relevant data included.

The EIVA crew encompasses experienced software engineers and engineers specialising in sensor technology. This means that users get a software solution developed by a highly qualified team of experts who know how to ensure that they benefit the most from the technologies included in their survey spread.

Last updated: 05/06/2020