Software Tool to Manage Notices to Mariners (NtMs) - 15/11/2013

ChartWorld eNtM delivers electronic Notices to Mariners (NtMs) on a weekly basis. The service includes paper chart tracings and corrections for all other publications previously delivered in the paper NtM format.

eNtM is integrated with ChartWorld’s digital chart catalogue ChartBrowser. The user-friendliness of the tool, combined with low volume data transmission and fee structures, is an innovation on the market, according to its creators. Each vessel is provided with a complete database of digital NtMs of the last three years. This enables the crew to autonomously manage its paper chart and nautical publications inventory aboard. eNtM can be used as a stand-alone product or along with the compliant eSeries service, ChartWorld’s solution for ECDIS.

Last updated: 19/01/2018