Sonardyne Fusion Chosen for New Research ROV - 05/04/2004

The Southampton Oceanographic Centre (SOC) has ordered a Fusion acoustic positioning system and ‘ROV-Homer’ target relocation system from Sonardyne to provide high accuracy subsea positioning for Isis, the UK’s first deepwater science-class ROV.
Depth rated to 6,500 metres, Isis is designed to collect samples, make surveys and carry out experiments on or near the sea floor. The new vehicle was built in the USA by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and from April, will become par of the UKORS (UK Ocean Research Services) operated ‘Deep Submergence ROV Facility’ based at SOC. The facility is the first of its kind in Britain and will mean that UK scientists no longer have to seek the use of other nations’ ROVs to carry out their research.
The Sonardyne Fusion equipment will be used to support the work undertaken by Isis by providing acoustic positioning accurate to better than 1 metre regardless of depth during dives. This capability will be particularly important when placing instruments in very specific locations and just as importantly, being able to return to that location for their recovery or mapping of the deep ocean bed.

Last updated: 17/01/2021