Sound Velocity Sensor - 23/06/2005

Valeport's miniSVS sound velocity sensor has been upgraded to offer higher specifications, with temperature or pressure measurement options. The miniSVS has been engineered to now include a high-accuracy PRT temperature sensor to increase versatility and compatibility with third-party systems. Together with standard titanium housing and a specially developed carbon composite sensor, the miniSVS offers durability and resistance to corrosion. The carbon composite sensor offers benefits in resisting deformity due to impact, thus not affecting calibration, and has virtually zero expansion with temperature, so that acoustic path length remains constant whatever the water temperature. Valeport's digital signal processing technique ensures that electronic performance is also independent of temperature. Combined with the stability of the sensor construction this means that sensor performance is linear, guaranteeing accuracy over the full measurement range and extended ranges through extrapolation and eliminating the need for complex calibration procedures that may be necessary to account for the non-linearity of other devices.

Last updated: 07/03/2021