Sponsors VideoRay Symposium - 23/10/2003

VideoRay LLC has announced its sponsors for the VideoRay International Partner Symposium, which will showcase the latest in microROVs and state-of-the-art accessories for underwater tasks. The event will be held aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, USA, from 18th-20th November 2003. Sponsors for the event include Desert Star, Weda Water, Cygnus Instruments, Eastern Video and Tritech Systems. Desert Star is the main event sponsor and will emphasise its Aquamap Shiphull Inspection system. Weda Water will show technology of remote-controlled, automated equipment that eliminates the need for divers while taking a water tank offline. Cygnus Instruments will feature its thickness gauge, designed specifically for mounting on the VideoRay Pro II and proven inside the USS battleship Arizona. Eastern Video will show its new broadcast-quality versions of VideoRay recordings for TV stations and movie production companies. Tritech Systems, providers of the smallest sonar technology available today, will announce a new smaller sonar specifically for VideoRay.
Ralph B. White, Motion Picture Submersible Camaraman, is to be the keynote speaker at the VideoRay International Partner Symposium (VIPS), sharing his experiences and images in an original presentation entitled ‘Discoveries and Imaging with ROVs’. The presentation will include White's excursion in ROVs, including use of the VideoRay inside the USS Arizona. White is one of the world's most experienced people in the methodology and technology required to safely reach deep ocean depths to acquire images.

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