Subsea 7 Goes Digital - 11/11/2003

A VisualWorks digital video system has recently been installed onboard the Allseas vessel MV Trenchsetter and the MV Provider for Subsea 7, providing pipelay support surveys for a major pipelay project in the North Sea being performed by the Solitaire.
The systems have been operating successfully for six weeks, providing instant digital video pictures to the online and off-line operators. The onboard reporting and processing team have reported that the digital video system assists the QC process and improves the final deliverable.
The end client will receive a USB hard disk array containing all the video data linked to the Events database and the processed survey data, thus enabling instantaneous viewing of video from any part of the pipelay support surveys.
VisualWorks avoids the need for VHS tape changes and reduces the time required for ‘eventing’ and data processing.

Last updated: 27/02/2018