Subsea Europe Services Wins Funding to Accelerate Autonomous Survey Development

Subsea Europe Services Wins Funding to Accelerate Autonomous Survey Development

A new round of funding has strengthened hydroacoustic technology specialist Subsea Europe Services’ commitment to taking autonomous technologies to the next level for marine survey applications.

The investment boosts the company’s unique approach which focuses on the integration of new generation smart, AI and machine learning enabled hydroacoustic systems with diverse survey platforms including autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), unmanned surface vessels (USVs) and crewed vessels as survey motherships.

Subsea Europe Services is working with several autonomy-focused partners globally and the first fruits of these collaborations will be shown as early as April 2022, during demonstrations of a new solution created with MARTAC and based on the high-performance Mantas T12 USV with a tightly integrated hydrographic survey payload.

Single Holistic Solution with Better Data Collecting Capabilities

The solution is expected to be ready for operation in May, with short, on-demand surveys at offshore wind farms projected to drive demand for the combination of a high-speed USV and increased autonomous payload functionality.

“The autonomous and unmanned platforms available today are incredibly advanced, but survey technology payloads are still complex systems that require an experienced and professional operator to utilize them properly,” said Sören Themann, CEO, Subsea Europe Services.

“This investment is a platform for our ongoing autonomy R&D, which aims to unlock more agility and efficiency through the seamless integration of survey system and platform to create a single, holistic solution that, ultimately, will collect more data, of higher quality and at a faster rate than traditional survey operations,” added Luis Carlo Soto, survey manager, Subsea Europe Services.

Core specifications of the Mantas T12 solution and further information on the Subsea Europe Services GmbH autonomous survey innovation strategy can be found here.

The full electric Mantas T12 USV.
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