Survey Engine Processing Licences Investment - 17/03/2014

Osiris Projects has purchased ten new Survey Engine software processing licenses from Coda Octopus. This investment in the Survey Engine family of geophysical processing software includes nine purchases of the new Mosaic+ professional side-scan mosaicking package which is being launched at OI14.

This investment takes Osiris Projects to twenty processing licenses and, combined with a fleet of five CodaOctopus DA4G sonar data acquisition systems and a further five digital acquisition software licenses, provides an extremely capable geophysical survey provision.

Robert White, Principal Geophysicist at Osiris Projects, said the company has been working with Coda Octopus for over 10 years and they always strive to keep that position through enhanced development of our processing software. With these new upgrades from Coda the Geophysical survey solutions will allow Osiris Projects to expand into new, more complex applications for their clients.

Image: Luke Barnes (left) and Robert White shake on the Survey Engine deal.

Last updated: 28/01/2020