Swathe Services Provides Innovative Product to ABP Humber - 17/12/2018

Swathe Services has announced a bespoke custom Peli-case product which has been designed to fit the surface components of an R2Sonic Multi-Beam Echo-Sounder (MBES) SIM box and Inertial Navigation System. The product is specifically designed for use in open boats such as ABP Humber’s 5 metre RIB. 

The Peli-case incorporates all the required bulkhead connectors for external cable fittings; an inverter for operating off a DC battery power and a shrouded cooling system. As part of this small boat solution, ABP Humber also purchased a bespoke designed and built transom transducer mount for the Sonic series of sonars. This innovative creation by C4R Systems, a supplier of Swathe Services, carried a Sonic 2024 Sonar, I2NS and Valeport MiniSVS.

The purchase follows the delivery of a second R2Sonic 2024 Multi-Beam Echo-Sounder with Integrated Inertial Navigation System (I2NS) earlier in the year.

Navigational and engineering surveys

James Williams, managing director of Swathe Services, said: “We’re delighted to be able to work with ABP Humber to develop bespoke products for their survey requirements. We are also happy to continue supporting them with their second Sonic 2024 and integrated INS. This additional purchase demonstrates the fantastic capabilities of the R2Sonic equipment for their challenging port requirements.”

Mike Abbey, Hydrographer at Associated British Ports, said: “We needed a bespoke design and housing to fit our differing hydrographic survey needs. These new products give us the capability to mount the survey system on our new 5-metre category 3 coded RIB for close quarters work. The size of the RIB allows us to mobilise by trailer or from one of our 14m catamarans for navigational or contract work. The need for a second Sonic 2024 is due to the great results we had with the first. Having the ability to conduct navigational and engineering surveys, thanks to the 700 kHz option, has proved invaluable for both contract and charter work.’’

The bespoke products are now used in surveying the busy ports, harbours and shipping routes of the River Humber. 

Last updated: 05/03/2020