Swedish Maritime Administration Selects Teledyne CARIS Tools to Enhance Nautical Charting - 14/05/2020

Teledyne CARIS has announced that the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) has selected Teledyne CARIS to provide tools for generalization of bathymetric data in nautical charts. The CARIS BASE Editor software platform is set to provide the tools needed to generate contours and sounding selections using automated processes as much as possible.

The addition of CARIS BASE Editor to SMA complements the existing CARIS HPD system already in place from a previous project. HPD is used for the management of spatial data and the efficient production of paper and electronic charts.

“SMA is very pleased to once again cooperate with Teledyne CARIS. We have seen what the CARIS tools can do and we expect great results moving forward,” said Marcus Hassel, system administrator, SMA. “I would like to add that, despite the current situation we are facing the world over, we were able to execute the project as planned thanks to the collaboration and goodwill of everyone involved.”

"At Teledyne CARIS, we are proud to continue our cooperation with the Swedish Maritime Administration,” said Peter Schwarzberg, managing director, Teledyne CARIS, EMEA. “Through this project, we will provide SMA with our new automatic bathymetric compilation tools and, with our joint domain expertise, further optimize the production of bathymetric products, including paper charts and ENCs.”

Last updated: 26/05/2020