Teledyne Gavia Awarded Contract for 6,000m-rated AUV - 26/10/2017

Teledyne Gavia has recently been awarded a contract for the supply of a 6,000m-rated AUV for deep water search and recovery applications for delivery in 2018. The newly designed SeaRaptor AUV will incorporate a broad range of Teledyne content.

The payload will be including acoustic modems, a flight data recorder beacon locator and sub-bottom profilers (Teledyne Benthos, Falmouth, MA, US), multibeam echosounders and obstacle avoidance sonars (Teledyne RESON, Denmark), Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) and Current, Temperature, and Depth sensor (CTD) (Teledyne RD Instruments, San Diego, CA, US),  and on-board processing software (Teledyne Caris, New Brunswick, Canada). In addition, the vehicle will carry an Edgetech sidescan sonar with dynamic focus capability. Teledyne Marine’s ability to combine industry-leading vehicle design, instrumentation, imaging sensors, and interconnect solutions from a single supplier into a turnkey package for customers makes the company unique in the unmanned underwater vehicle market.


Last updated: 27/11/2020