Teledyne Marine Announces 2020 Academic Product Grant - 14/01/2020

Six months free product usage and technical consultations

Teledyne Marine offers the next generation of technologists and explorers the opportunity to utilize the organization’s leading-edge technology for planned 2020 programmes free of charge via their 2020 Academic Product Grant. The company delivers the widest range of technology in the industry and will share a full suite of these technologies with the academic community to address an array of potential global research programmes. 

This grant is open to all students from accredited universities or institutions pursuing oceanographic or hydrographic studies and provides up to 6 months' free product usage and technical consultations to help ensure their success. Products in this year’s grant include ADCPs, Acoustic Releases, DVLs, Multibeam and Imaging Sonars, and Hydrophones.  Applicants can apply for one or more of these products as required for their research programmes.

Seabed Mapping

Within Hydrography, Teledyne Marine provides a product portfolio for seabed mapping from extremely deep water to shallow water. Within that range, Teledyne Marine can match the client’s requirements for size, ease of use and performance with a quality package, according to the budget.

Also, accessories contributing to delivering a complete solution ranging from sound velocity sensors, brackets, mounting kits, gondolas, and cables to motion compensation and INS systems, including processing station, installation and final hand-over to qualify and ensure the final system performs optimally, can be provided by the company. Teledyne PDS’s software solutions provide turnkey packages for Teledyne Marine singlebeam echosounders, multibeam echosounder systems, and multibeam scanning sonars. All sonar solutions produce industry-standard data to interface with all major hydrographic sonar data collection packages.

Oceanographic Data Collection 

Teledyne Marine offers an array of highly innovative, field-proven sensors designed to collect critical data regarding the health and welfare of our world's oceans and its vast resources. Teledyne Marine's oceanographic data collection devices include Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), Conductivity Temperature and Depth measurements (CTDs), Single- and Multibeam Echosounders, Forward-Looking Sonars and Sub-bottom Profilers. 

The devices can be installed on a number of Teledyne oceanographic platforms such as bottom-mounted frames, moorings and profiling floats as well as ROVs, AUVs and gliders, aided by our Doppler or INS navigation tools.  Collected data can be stored or transmitted acoustically via our acoustic modems or via our many standard or custom interconnect and cable solutions.  

These technologies are available as either individual components or as part of a turnkey Teledyne Marine solution.  For decades, the world's leading oceanographers and scientists have consistently turned to Teledyne to provide them with the innovative tools they require to address their most challenging projects.

Detailed information about Teledyne Marine's 2020 Academic Product Grant can be found on their website.

Last updated: 22/01/2021