Teledyne Marine Signs Agreement in Saudi Arabia - 08/05/2018

Teledyne Marine and Research Products Development Company (RPDC) have announced an agreement to collaborate on global commercialisation of new technologies developed within Saudi Arabia. The deal formalises Teledyne Marine's  support of new technology and collaboration in the offshore oil industry with the belief that it will facilitate new and innovative solutions.

A first success under this agreement is the award of a development contract, which will integrate a unique sensor design developed by Saudi Aramco. Ahmad Al-Khowaiter, Chief Technology Officer at Saudi Aramco, said: “We are excited about collaborating with Teledyne SeaBotix, in developing an advanced technology that will address the challenges posed by shallow water pipeline inspection monitoring. The technology will substantially reduce underwater infrastructure inspection costs.”

Shallow water pipelines

The integrated sensor can perform both ultrasonic thickness readings and cathodic protection voltage measurements at a single touchdown reducing inspection costs for shallow water pipelines, minimise inspection safety hazards and enable the inspection of hard-to-reach sections. “We are pleased to work with Saudi Aramco and RPDC in providing ground-breaking robotic inspection capabilities that enable safer and more efficient shallow water pipeline inspection,” said Grace DeForest, director of global business development for Teledyne Marine. 

These advancements in small remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) capabilities, for shallow water inspection, were first developed within Saudi Aramco by members of the Network Integrity Team within the Research & Development Center.  Collaboration with Teledyne has provided improvements in reliability and opportunities for global commercialisation of these ground-breaking capabilities on an inspection-class ROV.

Last updated: 04/08/2020