Teledyne RD Instruments Announces 2015 Academic Product Grant Awardees - 30/06/2015

Teledyne RD Instruments, USA, recently announced two awardees for its 2015 Academic Product Grant Programme. Awards were given to Omar Lopez-Feliciano, a coastal engineering doctoral candidate at the Stevens Institute of Technology, and Robert Walker, a geoscience graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Lopez-Feliciano will use a Sentinel V ADCP in a project to study the effectiveness of a beach nourishment project currently underway in Deal, New Jersey, USA. He is looking forward to using the Sentinel V ADCP instrument for his near-shore experiment as he thinks that adding the pressure sensor in the former Workhorse current profiler is what is needed for accurate use as the offshore forcing for the swash zone sediment transport research he will be conducting. Also, he expects the Velocity software will make it easy to look at the data and process it.

Walker will be using a Sentinel V ADCP and a Citadel CTD in a project that attempts to better understand coastal processes and shoreline change along a famous stretch of beach on the North Shore of Oahu. The data from the Sentinel V and the Citadel CTD is going to prove vital in helping the researchers better understand the processes taking place at this shoreline. He adds that using this technology is a major advance to the study and he also is looking forward to working with the field advisor moving forward.

Academic institutions from around the world were invited to submit applications for the Teledyne RDI Academic Grant Programme detailing oceanographic projects that would benefit from the use of the TRDI Sentinel V acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP), its Citadel conductivity, temperature and depth sensor (CTD), or both. The grant recipients are paired with an expert Teledyne RDI field advisor and the products are provided to them for up to a six-month period of time.

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