Teledyne RESON SeaBat T50-R Extended Range Delivered to Greenland - 08/05/2018

Teledyne RESON has announced that Greenland’s Institute of Natural Resources has taken delivery of a SeaBat T50-R Extended Range multibeam sonar system. In collaboration with OSK Shiptech, Teledyne RESON’s own naval architects and Nuuk Shipyard, R/V 'Sanna' was modified to accommodate the new SeaBat T50-R Extended Range multibeam system.

Even with an integrated Teledyne Type-20 Inertial Navigation System, the SeaBat sonar processor only occupies 2U in the 19” rack onboard R/V Sanna, which left plenty of space available for other scientific instruments.

First SeaBat T50-R sea trial

With assistance from Teledyne RESON Engineering Services the physical sonar installation was carried out in mid-March, and while R/V Sanna was slipped at Nuuk Shipyard, a full dimensional control survey was performed. Customer training was completed before embarking R/V Sanna for the first ever SeaBat T50-R Extended Range sea trial.

The sea trials were undertaken north of Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, the northernmost capital on the planet. The beautiful system of fjords is made out of some of the oldest known rock formations on the planet – and is known for its 600 meters water depth.

The sea trials were extremely successful and the SeaBat T50-R ER performed according to specifications. Water depths of around 600 meters were no problem for the powerful SeaBat T50-R ER and beautiful datasets were acquired.

Greenland’s Institute of Natural Resources are looking forward to their first pre-season scientific cruise onboard R/V Sanna in early May – now with a new and powerful SeaBat multibeam sonar to assist them on many of the scientific projects.

Last updated: 08/04/2020