Teledyne Sells First CZMIL SuperNova Lidar Bathymeter in North America

Teledyne Sells First CZMIL SuperNova Lidar Bathymeter in North America

Teledyne Geospatial has announced the sale of its next-generation bathymetric Lidar CZMIL SuperNova to leading professional services firm Dewberry. Dewberry is the first private North American company to purchase the CZMIL SuperNova, adding this capability in support of state and federal coastal zone mapping programmes, surveying of wetlands, lacustrine and riverine systems, submerged habitat detection and offshore mapping for renewable energy governance.

The CZMIL SuperNova’s ability to deliver Quality Level 1 (QL1) data from altitudes greater than 356 metres and its Secchi depth penetration range (down to 70 metres in optimal conditions) will allow Dewberry to deliver the quality data required for their projects. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) techniques for automated land/water discrimination and noise classification, the CZMIL SuperNova bathymetric solution also sets a new standard in processing workflow efficiency through automation in the CARIS software suite without compromising quality.

Secchi Depth and Single-source Workflow

Dewberry senior vice president Amar Nayegandhi stated: “In 2022, Dewberry will provide clients with unmatched capabilities in coastal, wetland and inland riverine mapping. This investment in the CZMIL SuperNova and collaboration with Teledyne Geospatial solidifies Dewberry’s commitment to client excellence through the acquisition and delivery of the highest quality topo-bathy capability available in the market. The impressive Secchi depth and single-source workflow features will enhance the speed and accuracy of deliverables to our clients.”

Teledyne Geospatial North America senior sales manager Brenda Burroughs commented: “We are thrilled that Dewberry will be the first privately owned North American company to take possession of the CZMIL SuperNova and are excited to continue our collaboration as they add this exceptional capability to their portfolio. The CZMIL SuperNova will empower Dewberry with a geospatial solution for acquiring, processing and delivering data projects within a single workflow underpinned by a CARIS software toolkit that will automate data classification and expedite the delivery of projects with the net benefit going to their customers.”

A recent CZMIL SuperNova topobathy collect over the Potomac River in Maryland. (Courtesy: Dewberry)
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