Tesla Offshore Marks 10th Year with AUV Programme

Tesla Offshore Marks 10th Year with AUV Programme

Tesla Offshore, USA, is celebrating its 10th year in business. In 2014, Tesla Offshore has also achieved a benchmark in its strategic plan for growth marked by the launch of its Tesla Bluefin-21 AUV programme.

Upon reaching the 10 year milestone, Randall P. Bergeron, President and CEO of Tesla Offshore LLC, stated that this accomplishment can best be attributed to the skill, dedication and integrity of the employees. Going forward, the team, now equipped with the AUV technology, is positioned to undertake challenging deepwater survey operations of Tesla’s clients, anywhere in the world.

Tesla Offshore was established in 2004 by Randall P. Bergeron, Rick Clemmons, Donald Spicer, C.D. Schempf and Richard Habiak. The company adheres to a simple business philosophy: demand integrity of yourself and your co-workers; offer the highest quality compliant products and services and focus on customer satisfaction as the best measure of success.

The Tesla Bluefin-21 AUV enables full sensor suite operations at depths up to 4,500 metres, while maintaining the portability and flexibility necessary for deployment from vessels of opportunity worldwide.

The sensor suite onboard Tesla Offshore’s AUV has been chosen to exceed the data quality, resolution and swath width of what is typically made available to today’s deepwater survey customers. The system is features synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) produced by Raytheon Applied Signal Technology. The PROSAS Surveyor provides decimetric imaging resolution across swath ranges up to 450 metres per side, leading to increased survey efficiency at depth. Also included are broadband multibeam echosounder, chirp sub-bottom profiler, and a very high definition digital still camera.

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