Thales Tool for ArcGIS Users - 13/02/2004

Thales GeoSolutions (Pacific) has introduced a new export utility, DXF Page Exporter, providing ESRI ArcGIS users with the ability to export a map frame or a page layout as a DXF file. In addition to enabling Geographic Information System (GIS) users to export data to DXF files, DXF Page Exporter now allows the export of a map to a DXF file at the same time, preserving the map symbology. DXF Page Exporter can export layouts and map frames from ArcMap, preserving line widths, line types, polygon fills and hatches. Layouts and map frames can be exported in inches or millimetres, as well as in ‘paper coordinates’ or ‘real world’ coordinates. Exports to ‘real world’ coordinates can even be done with -rotated maps.
One commonly known limitation of the DXF format is that it uses a maximum of 256 predefined colours. Thales thus provides standard and enhanced colour-matching algorithms to reduce the possibility of grey shading.
DXF Page Exporter is accessible through the Export heading in the File menu in ArcMap. An InstallShield application facilitates the installation onto the user’s computer. AutoCAD 2000 and r12 DXF formats are supported with this application

Last updated: 27/02/2018