Thermo Electron Launches New Software for Environmental Reporting - 14/05/2004

Thermo Electron Corporation has developed a new software package for environmental reporting, EnviroLab Forms. Designed to complement Thermo’s Finnigan DSQ GC/MS family of single quadrupole mass spectrometers, Envirolab Forms is a user-friendly program and gives environmental laboratories a choice of ten reporting formats.
Specifically written for the EPA methods performed on Finnigan GC/MS systems, EnviroLab Forms is a new, layered application that can be applied to data from Xcalibur 1.3 and above. Ten different automated reports can be generated giving the environmental analyst increased confidence in the results, which comply with preset published criteria.
Unique to EnviroLab Forms are the DFTBB and BFB tune check forms. These forms automatically analyze the tune check compound peak. Based on decisions made in respective EPA methods, they make a pass/fail judgement on the ion ratios, thereby saving the operator valuable time.
Other forms produced, include: initial calibration, continuing calibration, internal standard summary, quantitation, method detection limit, method validation, matrix spike and duplicate, surrogate recovery and blank reports.

Last updated: 23/02/2020