This Is How a Dual Mapping Survey Vessel Is Used for Bathymetric Surveying Services

This Is How a Dual Mapping Survey Vessel Is Used for Bathymetric Surveying Services

H2H Geoscience Engineering (H2H) has announced a new contract with Albany Water Board, providing topographic and bathymetric surveying services for their two reservoirs – Alcove and Basic Creek in Albany County, New York. The Alcove reservoir has not had elevation-capacity tables updated since the 1930s, and no elevation-capacity tables for Basic Creek reservoir currently exist. The Albany Water Board has requested that an updated elevation-capacity table be measured for Alcove reservoir, and also created for Basic Creek reservoir.

Dual Mapping Survey Vessel

For this project, H2H will utilize its dual mapping survey vessel, stationed in Troy, NY, equipped with the state-of-the-art technology for bathymetric and Lidar mobile mapping. This vessel has the capability to collect above- and below-waterline data simultaneously, enabling H2H to concurrently collect the required above- and below-waterline data to develop capacity tables and mapping for each reservoir. Upon completion of data collection, H2H will develop 3D models and produce stage-to-volume and stage-to-surface area capacity tables. Additionally, H2H will deliver finished maps with high-quality aerial imagery, including one-foot contour information.

Albany Water Board

The Albany Water Board ascertains what sources are most available, desirable and best for the supply of pure and wholesome water for the City of Albany (US). The Board manages public lands, reservoirs, filter plants, aqueducts, rights-of-way, watercourses and drainage areas. The Board also operates the City's sewer collection system and transmits sewerage to the county for processing, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory agencies. 

The Department of Water and Water Supply delivers a reliable and high-quality supply of water to its customers. It provides fire protection; collects and safely conveys wastewater to treatment facilities and complies with all regulatory permit requirements and conditions; provides a safe work environment for its employees; provides a courteous, responsive and professional service to its customers; and provides a supportive and respectful work environment.