This is the Impact of the Coronavirus on IHO activities - 19/03/2020

Given the rapidly evolving nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the IHO is actively monitoring the situation in order to maintain as best as possible the activities of the Secretariat while striving to protect the health of its personnel and Member State representatives, the IHO states. "Depending on the evolution of the virus, measures may affect the regular operations of the Secretariat, the participation of the Secretariat's staff members in events outside Monaco and the conduct of meetings of IHO bodies in Monaco."

In order to minimize the likelihood of the risk of infection, the IHO Secretariat will assess participation in events on a case-by-case basis after careful consideration of official notices from relevant authorities. The Secretariat is also maintaining regular contact with the Monaco government, which hosts the Secretariat, and will follow its advice regarding meetings and events.

Visitors from Regions with Coronavirus Infections

At this stage, the IHO Secretariat has been advised not to receive visitors from regions with significant numbers of confirmed coronavirus infections. The Secretariat follows the list as published by the Monaco authorities, which can be found here. The full Circular Letter, which addresses implications for the forthcoming Assembly, can be found here.

IHO Assembly Postponed

In the context of the growing global health crisis linked to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the IHO Secretary-General in liaison with the Council Chair and the Monaco government has decided to postpone the 2nd Session of the IHO Assembly originally planned for 21–24 April. The IHO Directing Committee is currently exploring the options for the Assembly to be held on a new date during the second half of the year. The Committee is also looking at alternatives to carry out the election for the IHO Director position, which will become vacant in September 2020 and which was scheduled to take place during the Assembly next month. More details on the solution will be provided in an Assembly Circular Letter in due course.

Work from Home

As an immediate consequence of the latest recommendations issued by the Monaco government, the majority of the Secretariat's staff has been directed to work from home. All relevant operations such as website maintenance, financial transactions and registration of incoming and outgoing mail will be maintained. However, it is possible that the processing and regular support for work programme items will not be carried out with the usual efficiency, the IHO Secretariat says. "We would ask for some patience if there are slight delays in matters treated by the Secretariat."

Last updated: 31/03/2020