Triton Elics International Announces Processing Suite for Benthos C3D - 17/03/2004

Triton Elics International yesterday launched C3Dsuite, a software package for collecting and processing sidescan and bathymetry data from the Benthos C3D Sonar Imaging System. The sonar can simultaneously collect co-registered bathymetry and side scan sonar with a single system. The C3D suite has acquisition and processing capabilities tuned especially for the C3D. The package includes enhanced Isis software which can handle the two data types. A window is used to display a 3D view of the side scan data draped with the bathymetry, this is updated in real time s the data is acquired. The C3D package also includes TEI’s RTMosaic, BathyRT, BathyPro and DelphMap modules.

Last updated: 06/06/2020