Triton Elics to Support Synthetic Aperture Sonar - 05/04/2004

Triton Elics International (TEI) announced that it has released a preliminary version of its software that is capable of reading and processing Synthetic Aperture Side Scan Sonar (SAS) data from the PROSAS system offered by Dynamics Technology, Inc. (DTI), from Arlington (VA, USA).
DTI’s PROSAS system provides unparalleled, constant resolution across the entire sonar swath. Resolutions of 10cm at 300m are possible with this technology.
TEI’s ISIS software is now capable of reading and displaying the high-resolution image data files created by the PROSAS system. Once in ISIS, the full suite of TEI data fusion and geoprocessing tools become available for the PROSAS data, including target processing, image mosaicing, data fusion with other sensors and data types, and GIS-based output product creation.
During replay of PROSAS data, targets and other objects of interest can be acquired using TEI’s TargetPro module. Targets can be analysed either in real-time or off-line using a comprehensive set of tools that exploit the known characteristics of the PROSAS imagery to provide automatic length and positional information. With TEI’s DelphMap module, targets locations are easily called-up for display on a map or image of the search area. Clicking on any individual target indicator will bring up the high resolution PROSAS image of the target and make the analysis tools available.
Using the capabilities of TEI’s RTMosaic and DelphMap modules, PROSAS imagery can be seamlessly mosaiced into high-resolution, geo-referenced images that cover entire search areas. Using tools within DelphMap, graphic overlays of magnetometer data, shoreline contours, as well as bathymetry soundings or contours can be overlaid on these mosaic images. The more advanced data-fusion features of DelphMap also support 3D perspective views of the PROSAS sidescan imagery draped over bathymetry Digital Terrain Models (DTMs).

Last updated: 24/02/2020