Twin Spread Sensor for PI Catch Monitoring System - 14/05/2004

Simrad has announced the availability of a new sensor for use with its PI Catch Monitoring system. The twin spread sensor has been designed to make twin spread control affordable and works on single, twin or multi trawls.
It is capable of supplying information about door spread and door stability in order to maximize the performance of the trawl.
Mounted with ease using a door adapter, the twin spread sensor monitors the spread and stability between doors and between port door and centre weight. This information can then be used to detect incorrect rigging of doors or sweeps allowing the skipper to take necessary action based on the information received. Update rate from the Twin Spread sensor is user selectable and the fastest, most accurate and reliable on the market to
As with the entire PI sensor family, the twin spread sensor is built to withstand the extreme environments of a fishing rig. Its robust design is backed up by simple configuration and use and the recently introduced active PI fast charger enables safe and intelligent charging.

Last updated: 17/01/2021