Ultra-compact Teledyne RDI Pathfinder Doppler Velocity Log - 29/05/2017

Teledyne RD Instruments (TRDI) has launched its ultra-compact 600kHz Pathfinder doppler velocity log (DVL). The Pathfinder provides high-precision onboard navigation for subsea and surface vehicles in a small footprint for the latest generation of small autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). Recently unveiled at the Ocean Business event in Southampton and OTC in Houston, the Pathfinder has immediately drawn intense interest and orders from vehicle manufacturers and users from around the globe.

Derived from TRDI’s long-standing, highly reliable DVL technology, the Pathfinder delivers proven technology at a price point, size, and weight that’s ideally suited for a wide array of applications and budgets. The ultra-compact new Pathfinder DVL provides an array of advanced internal algorithms and features previously found only in larger, higher-end solutions.

With a bottom tracking range of less than 20cm to over 80m, the Pathfinder 600 is well suited for vehicles ranging from the smallest inspection class ROVs and mini AUVs to larger diameter AUVs and observation-class ROVs. Available in either self-contained or OEM configurations, the Pathfinder can be configured to meet the unique vehicle needs.

Last updated: 04/09/2020