Ultra High Accuracy Mini Sensor - 02/06/2006

Valeport introduces a high accuracy 0.01% pressure sensor, to be fitted to all new Midas based products, and launches the compact and user-friendly Midas SVX2. The Midas SVX2 is a smaller scale version of Valeport's best-selling Midas SVX combined CTD and sound velocity probe, which is favoured by survey companies, military users, through to research organisations. The Midas SVX2 provides an all-encompassing solution for those faced with the need for real time sound velocity data from an SVP using digital 'time of flight', but who also require the salinity and density data from a CTD.
Valeport’s new ±0.01% pressure sensor option offers users access to a sensor that is not usually offered as a standard fit. The SVX2 samples all data at the same instant, ensuring perfect data profiles that are autonomously logged or communicated to a PC in real time via Valeport's Datalog Express software which allows user prompted windows to quickly set up and deploy the instrument.

Last updated: 26/02/2020