Underway Sound Velocity Profiler - 27/08/2010

Building on the success of the UnderwayCTD system, Oceanscience has partnered with Valeport (UK) to develop an Underway sound velocity (SV) profiling system. The UnderwaySV system includes the new Valeport RapidSV ‘freefall' sound velocity profiler, allowing hydrographic surveyors the opportunity of fast, high quality SV profiles without ever having to stop a ship and suspend survey operations. The system offers a predictable tow path allowing it to be used when other equipment is being towed.

This approach to sound-speed profiling is aimed at the hydrographic survey market, where stopping a ship for a sound-speed profile means significant loss of active survey time. The UnderwaySV, first displayed at the Oceanology 2010 exhibition, is scheduled for release in fall 2010, with several pre-production orders already taken.

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