Unique Group Adds Nortek Signature55 to its Lease Pool - 18/02/2016

Unique Group has added Nortek’s long range profiling instrument Signature55 to its global lease pool. The instrument has been acquired to give oil and gas customers flexible access to long range profiling capability. The instrument is available through GSE Rentals, a company wholly owned by Unique Group.

Unique Group chose the Signature55 because of its ability to provide ocean current profiling over a range of 1,000m. Another decisive factor was that the Signature55 works well for high-quality current measurements with fine vertical resolution (5m cells). This makes the Signature55 suited to customers working in 100-500m depth, as well as 500-1000m depth.

Real-time Operational Current Measurement

The Signature55 will be delivered equipped for real-time operational current measurement projects, complete with a rugged 50m cable, a topside interface box and MIDAS real-time display software. The same Signature55 may also be used with internal batteries for long autonomous deployments.

The Signature55 will first be leased and used by Tideway BV, The Netherlands – a company specializing in landfall construction, scour protection and pre- and post dredging for the support of pipe laying operations.


Last updated: 22/03/2019