Universal GNSS Receiver - 30/05/2013

Hemisphere GNSS (Canada) has launched the R330 GNSS receiver, developed as a versatile positioning system. The device delivers positioning through a variety of differential correction methods including SBAS, L-Band, Beacon and RTK.

The R330 GNSS receiver combines the functionality and front panel display of all previous R-series products. Customers can start with sub-metre positioning accuracy and upgrade the receiver with subscriptions that add functionality and improves performance capability to centimetre-level accuracy. To provide the most reliable solutions, R330 is capable of tracking multiple frequencies and multiple constellations including GPS and GLONASS. According to Hemisphere, users can switch between the various DGPS correction options without downtime. The receiver is compatible with many of the Hemisphere GNSS multi-frequency antennas.

The small, rugged receiver includes a display and status indicators for a user-friendly experience. A standard USB flash drive can be used for data logging.

R330 features Hemisphere GNSS’s Eclipse SureTrack technology, enabling a more robust RTK solution with fewer dropouts in congested environments and a fast reacquisition when dropouts do occur. Long-range RTK baselines of up to 50km are achievable with R330.

Last updated: 05/03/2020