Unlock your expertise: Hydro International invites professionals to contribute

Unlock your expertise: Hydro International invites professionals to contribute

A call from the editors of Hydro International: the search for new stories is now open! Professionals who want to share a great project or relevant experiences and knowledge from their field, for example through an article or a column, are encouraged to get in touch. All tips and ideas are welcome!

Hydro International offers professionals the opportunity to contribute in a practical and informative manner to upcoming issues, based on the editorial theme. Take a glimpse into the next two issues of the magazine for some inspiring ideas.

Hydro 4: Showcasing Prestigious Projects

Challenging projects provide an exciting opportunity for hydrographic surveyors to showcase their skills. Hydro International’s special edition, Hydro 4, is dedicated to highlighting impressive hydrographic survey projects from around the world. Whether these are innovative technical methods used to overcome obstacles or the impact of tough environmental conditions on the surveyor’s work, this edition celebrates outstanding achievements.

Hydro 5: Exploring Robotics and Autonomous Systems

The hydrographic profession is experiencing a growing trend towards the use of robotic, uncrewed and autonomous vehicles for systematic seafloor surveys. Some vehicles are remotely piloted, others possess autopilot capabilities, and some can even adapt to the local environment. In Hydro 5, we delve into the latest developments and future prospects related to autonomous collaborative subsea robotics employed for hydrographic survey purposes.

If you are interested in contributing an article or have suggestions for the editorial team, please contact Wim van Wegen, head of content, at [email protected].

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