Up-and-coming US Blue Tech Companies at Ocean Business 2017 - 20/03/2017

The Maritime Alliance (TMA) has announced a series of presentations at Ocean Business 2017, which will take place at the NOC, Southampton, UK, from 4-6 April 2017. Each session will be presented by one of the 17 top 'US BlueTech Companies to Watch in 2017' with the aim of creating international collaboration. The TMA sessions are an opportunity for Ocean Business visitors to hear from up-and-coming US companies in a series of 15-minute seminars as they present case studies and information about their technologies and discuss opportunities for collaboration.

These top small US BlueTech companies have been selected to represent the US Maritime Technology Export Initiative for their innovative technologies and business potential. Each will be attending Ocean Business to build international collaboration and trade by creating partnerships with buyers and distributors in world markets. They have diverse technology backgrounds, including: aerial drones, ballast water, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), unmanned surface and underwater vehicles, vertical profiles and more.

Hosting sessions on Wednesday 5 April, from 14.30 to 17.30 are the BlueTech companies:

  • Aquabotix, which specialises in smart technology and viewing systems for ROVs;
  • Blue Robotics, which provides components for underwater robotic systems;
  • Assure Controls, with products and services to support ballast water compliance in shipping;
  • Del Mar Oceanographic, which produces the Wirewalker, a vertically profiling system powered by waves;
  • Marine Advanced Research, offering innovative unmanned surface vehicle technology to improve operational efficiency;
  • Plank Aerosystems, a developer of fully autonomous aerial drones for the commercial maritime industry and
  • XST, which provides insight into weather and oceanography conditions utilising Big Data Analytics to improve environmental forecasting.

The TMA seminars will take place in room G1 on the sixth floor; open to all Ocean Business visitors there is no need to register but interested attendees are advised to arrive early.

For the full programme of activities at the show and for visitor registration, visit the Ocean Business website.


Last updated: 18/11/2017