Update for SonarMite Driver - 27/03/2014

The SonarMite.dll is a singlebeam echosounder driver for the Ohmex SonarMite SBES. Having remained unchanged since it was first written years ago, it has now been updated. It appears also to give an output of roll, pitch, heave, battery condition and a current depth relative QA value in its string. Hypack has modified the drive so that it now displays the battery status in real time while in survey mode without being logged in the raw file.

The new driver will now also record the quality code as a second depth in the raw file which can be displayed in the Single Beam Editor for Quality Control of the data collected. Per the material provided to Hypack, the quality flag is represented as 0 (null), 70 (poor), or 128 (best).

It will also be useful to filter data based on this information during post-survey processing. It should be noted, however, that this quality flag is recorded directly as parsed from the SonarMite unit itself. Hypack records and reports the output message and makes no guarantees regarding what standard this quality flag represents.

Last updated: 28/11/2020