Update from Ocean Business 2019 - 11/04/2019

At Ocean Business 2019, EvoLogics introduced the company’s latest addition to their range of underwater acoustic modems: the new generation S2C T modems. Dubbed ‘tiny’, this light and ultra-compact design represent a size reduction of almost 20 per cent compared to EvoLogics M-series mini-modems at only 25 cm standard height and 1200 g weight. The S2C T series form factor will be available for EvoLogics’ high-frequency models, catering to modern size- and weight-sensitive applications with 4 frequency range/directivity options.

Acoustic Performance

The new model features a fully-fledged S2C engine with no compromises in acoustic performance. It is a great fit for small AUVs and ROVs where seamless integration of the components is critical, the company says. Suitable as transponders for positioning, the S2C T is capable of simultaneous tracking and reliable bi-directional data transmissions with advanced networking. The modems are compatible with existing EvoLogics.

Framework for Developers

EvoLogics S2C spread-spectrum communication technology stems from bionic concepts and evolved into an ecosystem of products. This includes several series of underwater acoustic modems, modular underwater positioning systems (USBL, LBL, SBL), as well as a framework for developers in both networking and hardware design.

Demanding Subsea Applications

The standard S2C R modems are configurable and offer a selection of options and depth ratings to find an exact match even to most unique and application-specific tasks. The S2C M devices are smaller and lighter, providing builds for numerous communication and positioning scenarios. The new S2C T steps up to more effective solutions to modern subsea applications that demand fast and reliable communication packed into a compact design.

EvoLogics were demonstrating the S2C T series modems and other recent updates at Ocean Business, Stand E6. Details: www.evologics.de.


Last updated: 16/09/2019