USVs to be Used for Wide Area High-resolution Surveys - 10/08/2016

ASV Global, UK, is to design and build six brand new Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) for SeaTrepid DeepSea. The vehicles will be used in a multiple autonomous vehicle programme developed by SeaTrepid DeepSea combining USVs and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) to conduct wide area, high-resolution surveys.

Derivatives of the ‘C-Worker’ range of ASV Global platforms, the new bespoke ‘SeaWorkers’ will each be fitted with an acoustic underwater positioning system to track the AUVs throughout shallow and ultra-deep waters. Using USVs to track the AUVs brings a step change in operational efficiencies with significant cost savings compared to using a traditional ship. The 7.6m long ‘SeaWorkers’ are being built at ASV Global’s production facility in Portchester, UK before undergoing sea trials and being shipped to SeaTrepid’s base in Louisiana, USA. 

Variable Metocean Conditions

Dan Hook, managing director, ASV Global said the SeaWorkers have been designed specifically as a ruggedised workboat, capable of carrying large payloads and handling varying weather conditions and water depths. The ASView Control System will allow for the reliable and safe operation of the six vehicles”.

Jake Klara, commercial manager, SeaTrepid DeepSea said the USVs are a vital piece of the Multiple Autonomous Vehicle Programme allowing for tracking and communication between the AUVs and Host Surface Vessel (HSV). Having a quality USV developed by the leading manufacturer contributed to produce successful results to the clients.

Last updated: 23/04/2018