UUVS: It's all About Networking - 24/09/2009

The Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Showcase, UUVS, took place in Southampton (UK) on 22nd and 23rd September 2009. However the number of attendees was reasonable, the presentations were well attended and the exhibitors were able to have ‘a good chat' with delegates. As committee chairman Cliff Funnell has put it: ‘It's all about networking'.


Delegates of the conference could enjoy two days of updates on AUV and ROV techniques, business opportunities, business cases and practical survey management. BP for example has chosen AUVs as they are a tool to save millions of pounds a year, not needing to be launched from a big vessel. John Westwood of Douglas Westwood predicted that the market, having a decline last year, will restore to its originally growth. ‘Especially in the ROV market, we forget that these machines are to be replaced every five to seven years, if not completely new then at least in parts'. Also, an overview of available trainings was given by the International Maritime Constractors Association. In the programme, two optional courses were reserved for AUVs (on 22nd September) and ROVs (23rd September) respectively. They were well attended and especially the ROV training attracted some dedicated participants.


The exhibitors contributed by showing their knowledge and products, and took the time to explain the visitors of their stand how they could help them improving their business. Some research was presented on the market as well, giving the vistors even the opportunity to play with cleverly engineered ROV models for which some delegates had suggestions to anhance them more!


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