Valeport Launches Environmental Optical Sensors

Valeport Launches Environmental Optical Sensors

Valeport, a British designer and manufacturer of hydrographic and oceanographic instruments, has launched two environmental optical sensors, a standalone turbidity sensor and a fluorometer.

The first one of the new range, the Hyperion Turbidity, is the industry’s first standalone turbidity sensor that combines a Nephelometer and OBS readings in the same instrument. Created for inshore, coastal and oceanographic monitoring, this sensor delivers a minimum detection level of just 0.03 NTU (nephelometer) and can measure turbidity up to 6,000 NTU (OBS). The titanium housing, data output up to 16Hz and low power requirements ensure the sensor can be placed in situ for extended periods with easy access to highly accurate data.

Continuous Operation

The SWiFTplus Fluorometer is designed by Valeport’s in-house specialists. This range of probes combines the power of SWiFT technology and a fluorometer for the high-performance measurement of Chlorophyll a, Fluorescein, Rhodamine and Phycocyanin. Compact and robust, the suite of instruments are ideal for shallow water bathymetric and environmental survey, where observations can be monitored and recorded for surveys with up to three days of continuous operation. These sensors combine all that is needed to carry out survey grade Sound Velocity, Salinity, Density, CTD and optical profiles up to 200 metres, in a single instrument.

Swiftplus Fluorometer