Valeport launches new SWiFT Deep CTD profiler for subsea surveying

Valeport launches new SWiFT Deep CTD profiler for subsea surveying

Valeport, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of oceanographic and hydrographic instrumentation, has announced that its popular range of SWiFT profilers has been extended with the launch of a new addition for those requiring conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) measurements to depths of 6,000m.

According to the subsea sector supplier, the new SWiFT Deep CTD has been designed with the intention of a seamless workflow and offers the highest quality CTD profiles in a compact, robust and portable package. The new profiler provides survey-grade sensor technology coupled with the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology, a rechargeable battery and an integral GNSS module to geo-locate each profile.

Using Valeport’s high-accuracy sensor technology to combine sensors for multiple profiles in a single drop, the SWiFT Deep CTD can operate to 6,000m, delivering directly measured conductivity, temperature and depth. In addition, the SWiFT Deep CTD will provide computed salinity, density and sound velocity, calculated using the UNESCO international standard algorithm and Chen and Millero equation. Data can be quickly and easily downloaded wirelessly and instantly shared in industry standard data formats.

Magnetic switch ring

Ease of use is at the heart of the SWiFT range and the new SWiFT Deep CTD not only makes any problematic battery changes a thing of the past and delivers fully automated data transfer with no user input required, it also features Valeport’s signature SWiFT magnetic switch ring. The switch ring is easy to operate even with cold hands, it simply turns through 90 degrees and reassuringly clicks into position. The end cap features user-friendly LED status indications for GNSS, battery and communications.

With an operational battery life of up to five days and the convenience of charge via USB, the SWiFT Deep CTD is designed to cope with the harshest conditions and intended for offshore, coastal, harbour and inland environmental and hydrographic survey use.

The SWiFT Deep CTD is constructed from titanium and the CTD sensors are housed in a strong acetal sensor guard. 

The SWiFT Deep CTD, intended for hydrographic and offshore use to depths of 6,000m. (Image courtesy: Valeport)
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