Valeport's New Sound Velocity Sensor Goes Through-the-Hull - 12/05/2005

Valeport has just launched a new addition to its range of sound velocity sensors. The Modus SVS Through-Hull is designed for through-the-hull applications.
The Modus SVS takes real time measurements, and can also collect data about pressure and temperature as well as sound velocity. By using a clever mounting system, the sensor can simply be pushed from the ship's hull, quickly and efficiently, whilst the vessel is afloat. It's also easy to remove, making cleaning and maintaining the sensor a straightforward task.
The sensor is ideal for applications such as the calibration of swath sonars or echosounders mounted on vessels, as it can be used to monitor sound velocity very near to the echosounder's transducer face. When measurements have been taken, the sensor is easily withdrawn, removing the need for an instrument to be permanently fixed on the vessel's exterior.

Last updated: 27/11/2020