Versatile Side-scan Sonar - 02/07/2008

JW Fishers developed a side-scan towfish with adjustable transducers. The angle of the transducers can be changed by rotating the tail section of the towfish. This allows the sonar to scan the hull of a ship for attached contraband compartments and inspect the face of a dam, bridge, or oil platform for explosive devices.

Already several departments have purchased these side scans with the new adjustable transducers including the Escambia Sheriff’s Office in Pensacola (FL, USA) and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Stillwater (MI, USA).  Jim Anderson of Washington County’s Water Recovery Unit says to be impressed with the side scan. ‘On a recent training operation we took the sonar to a lake with a number of known submerged targets including sunken boats, several dive platforms, and a safe. It was the perfect location to get familiar with the equipment. I’ve done many dives in the lake and know the location of each underwater object and how it sits on the bottom. The sonar was easy to learn and operate, and it produced beautiful pictures of each target. I recorded the scans onto the computer’s hard drive which allowed me to review files back in the office. When going over the records I noticed things in the sonar images that I missed when we were in the middle of a search operation. It’s really nice to have the ability to capture the data, review it later, and email images to other team members and other departments.’

A splashproof PC with the ultra-bright display is available as an option for the system. It is ideal for small boat operation where the computer may be subjected to spray or moisture in the air. The ultra-bright display makes it easy to see the screen even in brilliant sunlight or on night operations.



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