Versatile Tide Gauge - 25/10/2003

Valeport Ltd, UK, has introduced a seabed-mounted tide recorder that makes precise water level measurements where conventional units attached to piers and jetties are not practicable. Applications are in oceanography, hydrography and marine civil engineering projects. Called the MIDAS Tide Recorder, the new instrument is also designed to be part of an in-line mooring. The high accuracy (±0.01 per cent) pressure sensor and temperature sensor is housed in acetal rated to 1,000m water depth.
The MIDAS Tide Recorder has a wide range of sampling regimes and rates. It can sample at 1, 2, 4 or 8Hz and can log/output data continuously on demand through external instrumentation or in a burst pattern where data is obtained for a short period before the instrument goes into ‘sleep’ mode, thus conserving power and memory.

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