Water Column Imaging Integration

Water Column Imaging Integration

CARIS' HIPS and SIPS is to integrate water column imaging. Version of HIPS and SIPS 7.1.1, scheduled for release in January 2012, allows differences in the water column data to be made visible for increased productivity.  

With water column data, users will be able to extract more qualitative sonar information to reduce the number of run lines and save time and money in survey operations. HIPS and SIPS 7.1.1 allows analysis of water column data directly in 3D and 2D, and without the need for any additional software.


Water column information can be controlled through functions that have been integrated into existing workflows. Polar plots can be displayed for individual profiles, stacked views of multiple profiles, and water column data can be loaded as a 3D point cloud while applying filters to identify features that the sonar's bottom detection may have missed.


HIPS and SIPS 7.1.1 and the new water column assist in accessing imaging tools, information to complete the view between the sea surface and seafloor and to aid in existing bathymetric cleaning and decision-making processes.


Image: University of New Brunswick Ocean Mapping Group