Water Column Logging Routine

Water Column Logging Routine

HYPACK, USA, has presented its new HYSWEEP Water Column Logging Routine. The HYSWEEP Water Column Logger is an application that collects and logs the enormous amounts of water-column data provided by modern multibeam sonar.

The HYSWEEP Water Column Logger will allow users to ensure that hard targets, such as wrecks, are fully detected, and to confirm the least depth in the water when fine features such wires or masts may be missed otherwise. This data is also useful for evaluating underwater gas seeps and remotely monitoring undersea oil spills.

Some key features:

  • The Water Column Display provides constant updates allowing surveyors monitor data quality, start and stop logging on demand and to target features and anomalies. Targets are fully georeferenced.
  • For reliability, network traffic and data logging is closely monitored to alarm users of problems that may occur when working with large data transfer (multiple gigabytes per minute). For example, a low disk threshold can be entered to show an alarm when disk space is getting low.
  • Data is written to support Third party software data processing support

HYSWEEP Water Column Logger program will be standard tool in HYSWEEP and it will be available this summer to all users subscribed to the Maintenance Plan.