Wave Monitoring Buoy Deployed off Mauritius - 04/07/2016

Wave energy developer Carnegie Wave Energy Limited has successfully deployed and commissioned a wave monitoring buoy off the south coast of Mauritius. The project was carried out in conjunction with its Mauritian Project partners: The Mauritian Research Council (MRC), Australia’s High Commissioner to Mauritius and the University of Western Australia.

This announcement follows Carnegie’s signing of a collaboration agreement with the Mauritius Research Council (MRC) to identify opportunities and develop pathways for commercial wave energy plants, for the republic of Mauritius, that are capable of providing a sustainable source of electrical power.

Wave Energy Data Acquisition

The purpose of this deployment is to gather data in order to quantify the wave energy resource in support of a potential CETO wave energy project in Mauritius (see video). Such a project will be capable of producing electricity as well as desalinated water from an untapped and abundant renewable energy resource. The wave buoy will collect data for a minimum period of 6 months.

The project is funded through a partnership between the Australian and Mauritian Governments and is being administered by the MRC and involves Carnegie receiving payment for delivering a series of work packages that constitute this Project. Other contributors include the Mauritian Coast Guard, Energy Made Clean and the CSIRO.

The Project is broken into 3 work packages:

  1. A high penetration renewable energy roadmap for Mauritius, including technical, commercial and financial feasibility
  2. Assess the wave energy resource, site conditions and priority sites for commercial CETO wave energy devices, from which the buoy deployment forms a part
  3. Design a decentralised micro-grid for the Island of Rodrigues, offering battery storage and control systems that enable higher renewable energy penetration (including wave).

Carnegie’s Alliance Partner, Energy Made Clean, are involved in the delivery of work package one and three. Carnegie’s Project Manager Neil de Tisi was joined by Analysis Engineer Jess Kolbusz at the deployment of the Wave Monitoring Buoy.

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