WindSentinel on Pontoon at Ocean Business

WindSentinel on Pontoon at Ocean Business

AXYS Technologies (AXYS) is bringing the WindSentinel floating laboratory to the docks at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton for Ocean Business from 14-16 April 2015, before it is taken to Scottish Power’s East Anglia wind farm as part of the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator programme.

The WindSentinel provides cost-effective and complete metocean data for any type of customised monitoring programme, from offshore wind and wave resource assessment campaigns to real-time environmental monitoring for offshore development and operations.

Proven Platform

The WindSentinel provides consistently high levels of data accuracy and availability with built-in triple redundancy of power supply and communications. It is built on a proven platform designed to survive and perform well in extreme marine environments. The flexibility to purchase the complete system or simply data-as-a-service enables real-time access to information through the AXYS-APS data management system in a cost-effective way.

Information about the WindSentinel is available at Stand G9 during Ocean Business and the buoy can be seen on the NOC Pontoon.

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